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Hi (nickname),

Unfortunately the project “English into Romanian Translation” has now closed.
This project has expired.

To increase your chances of being awarded future projects we recommend you certify your skills by taking the following exam:

Basic Numeracy – Level 1

You will be % more likely to be awarded a project!

When you pass the exam this badge will be visible on your profile and bids, setting you apart from the pack!
Take the exam now for only 500 credits in the Credit Store or $5 USD! It only takes a few minutes to complete!

Să plătesc suma oarecare ca să dovedesc că ştiu socoti .. lasă. Despre legătura dintre un proiect de traducere şi un test de numeric literacy nici nu menţionăm. Sau despre cum simbolul procent cere şi un număr. Sau ..

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