Depresia explicată ca într-un joc video

Continuând pe ideea că “cititorii noştri cunosc limba engleză”, vă propun o explicaţie pentru depresie pe care am găsit-o pe Reddit:

Okay, imagine you’re playing an RPG and you’ve been going through the most hellish dungeon ever. You’ve been unprepared, underleveled(i) and barely survived. Then at the end you find one of the most awesome pieces of loot ever. It’s called the cape of depression. It’s completely OP(ii). Putting it on would give you immunity to nearly everything the game can throw at you. Sure, there are some negative stats on it too, but those seem managable. You put it on.

And it’s as awesome as you thought it would be. Nothing can harm you. It doesn’t deflect or defend you against attacks, they simply pass through you. Nothing can touch you anymore. Swords, arrows, fireballs, doesn’t matter. It’s all the same to you, because you simply dont feel it anymore. For some time you feel like a god. You glide through the masses and it’s exhilerating. Nobody can touch you. You’re completely free.

But the cape has disadvantages. It doesn’t just let attacks pass through you, but also any blessings, healing spells and potions. Sure, it’s a bit inconvenient at first, but you’ll manage. After all nobody can hurt you anymore, so you dont need these kind of things anymore. Actually you dont even miss them anymore. Since you put on the cape everything has felt the same anyway and those signs of affection dont have any practical purpose to you anymore, so why bother?

So you continue with your quest, wrapped in the cape. But somehow it doesn’t feel the same anymore. Nobody can hurt you anymore, so you walk right through your enemies, not bothering to fight. Nobody can heal or comfort you anymore, so you walk right through your allies too, not bothering to talk. It’s just you and the cape.

It’s starting to get boring so you think about trying it without the cape, but as you try to take it off, you look down at yourself and realize that you’re still carrying the very same injuries you got in the dungeon in which you found the cape. They never healed, but you never got any more either. Then you remember how difficult and dangerous it was without the cape. It’s easy to remember too, after all you have those injuries to prove your point. You need the cape, so you decide to leave it on.

At some point things just happen around you without you taking notice anymore. Nothing can affect you, neither good or bad, so why bother? You’re truly like a god now, but not in the grand, majestic kind of way. You are simply not in touch – both literally and metaphorically – with the normal people around you anymore. Maybe you’re mildly confused and irritated by them. Why do they act like they do? What’s the point?

You dont want to feel left out, like a freak, so you pretend to still be in touch with them. The cape helps you. It grants you a +10 to Acting and Deceiving when talking about yourself. And you need that buff, because if someone would come to close to you, touch you, they would see that they pass right through you and realize something is very, very wrong. You dont want that, so you stay away from others, which in turn makes you even more distant.

By the time you’ve realized that the cape was cursed, it’s already too late. It has become a part of you. It’s wrapped around you, around your true self. You are still somewhere inside, but around your true self is that vast cloak of nothing that keeps any feeling, no matter if good or bad out. You’ve worn the cape for so long that you have forgotten how it feels… to feel.

When you go to your allies and ask for help they dont see what the cape has done to you. They only see the old wounds and think you must be in pain. They cast their healing spells on you, but they pass right through you. However all they see is that those old wounds just wont heal, so they get frustrated and give up. It’s just you and the cape.

Sigur, se poate argumenta că descrierea e inexactă. De multe ori depresia nu te face imun la chestiile negative, ci doar la cele faine. Sigur că da. Dacă preferaţi, wecomicul Hyperbole and a Half are două materiale pe temă – cum a intrat autorul în depresie, respectiv cum a ieşit din depresie. Eu zic că se completează bine cu textul de mai sus.

  1. Da, în jocurile bazate pe “nivel” vei fi în general de un nivel acceptabil ca să baţi monştrii. Dacă eşti under-leveled e grav. []
  2. Over-powered. []
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