Marea Britanie, altcumva

Nu mi-e clar dacă bucăţica dinjos e corectă. N-am cum verifica. Totuşi, totuşi, mi se pare că ar putea conţine o urmă de adevăr.

The UK: the land of piss-heads, scruffy welfare sucking chavs, cctv cameras and power-crazed policemen, grumpy old Daily Mail reading men, bewildered data entry teenagers in suits, piss-heads, skinheads, football hooligans and yobs (interchangeable, all come out from under their stone on a Saturday afternoon), mid-life-crisis bikers riding motorbikes around the country’s lanes at 100mph, tail-gaters in big cars, pissheads, foul mouthed gangs of teenagers with nothing to do except drink cheap cider, short tempered, racist Asian cab drivers, self-satisfied skinny hipsters covered in pointless tattoos who are certain their culture is the answer to all the world’s problems, teenage girls who mimic the worst of Californian culture while preening into their iPhones and wasting valuable oxygen, tottering high heeled London mothers glued to their celebrity culture and obsessed with all things shallow, orange people with perfectly manicured nails clinging to a cup of Starbucks, ferocious power women scowling, ferocious overweight welfare mothers scowling through the life-worn folds of their obese flesh, ferocious toddlers with the features of 30 year old thugs, territorial old farts scowling over their grizzly white beards at the ‘state of the world’ while pinning nasty little notes to people who dare to park their car within four feet of their driveway, wide-boys grown older with their car sales showrooms filled with clapped out rust buckets painted to look like new and their student lets infested with rats, bugs and fleas, council policies designed to destroy teachers, erode family values, riddle the middle and lower classes with cancer and film them all on CCTV as they die and, at the top of it all, pointless inhuman bags of skin stuffed with money, dizzy with their public school boy success and the handshakes of the rich and powerful, running the country, running the country, running the country, while all they actually run is a foul river of diarrhea into the wide open mouth of the United Kingdom, filling the throat of this once proud and beautiful nation with dirth.

Scoasă de prin Reddit. Literatură modernă, ce să mai … născută din frustrare şi sastisire, acreală şi dezumanizare. E ceva.

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